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Accounting & Bookkeeping


Accurate bookkeeping is detrimental to effective financial management for every business. When done correctly and efficiently it ensures business growth, as well as mitigates risks. Not only is bookkeeping helpful to your business in the present, but it also provides you the ability to better plan for the future of your 

business. Seeing your income and expenses allow you to create an accurate budget for your business.


MAS understands that running a successful business can often require you to wear many hats. Your time is valuable and best spent growing your business; not on bookkeeping and other accounting functions. MAS provides accurate accounting and bookkeeping services focused on the needs of your business. 

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Save $1,000s when you outsource accounting work!

Did you know that to hire an accountant to work at your location you could spend as much as $1000 PER WEEK in payroll for that one person? In addition to payroll savings, you are not obligated to carry workers compensation insurance or pay tax on my service.

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