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Proper bookkeeping can you help you better understand & grow your business. Professional accountanting at a fraction of the cost of in-house employees. Various monthly/annual packages to suit your needs.

Taxes shouldn't be taxing! MAS can handle all of your individual, self-employed, farming, partnership, and corporate taxes! No more long waits at an office - online prep and appointments only!

New business setup, including sole proprietorship, corporations and LLCs. Quarterly & year end tax planning, Monthly/Quarterly sales tax, and Government application assistance, as needed.

Payroll liability accounts must be properly managed assuring that all taxes and tax deposits are made in a timely manner.

Quarterly reports are provided to all taxing agencies. Payroll is calculated, processed & printed or distributed via direct deposit.

Cash flow management, projections, & budgeting. You work hard on your business, but do you ever wonder WHERE all the money is going? Businesses don’t fail because of a lack of profit; businesses fail because of a lack of proper cash management. Let us help set you on the right path!


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MAS Audit Defense - NEW!!
Ask about adding this service with your tax prep!