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New Business Setup

You have the idea, and maybe even started the first steps to launching your business, but what next? Do you purchase/rent space for your business? Do you hire help with the hopes of the demand staying steady? Do you have enough capital secured?

Melissa's Administrative Services is an expert in financial management, strategic planning and advice.


We will review your expenses and revenues, assets and liabilities and help develop financial forecasts accurately identifying important trends.​

Let us help you identify your risks before they become emergencies!

As an Entrepreneur Guide, we will help you build a business plan that gets you noticed by investors. Essential reports will be created and reviewed to keep your business running smoothly. If you are considering opening a second location, a new marketing plan, or adding a service/product, we will run the numbers together first to ensure financially smart decisions and keep you investor-ready! Your financial history will be reviewed and used to help develop financial and cashflow forecasts to ensure you are making smart business decisions. 

Melissa's Administrative Services wants to help you build your business and grow your wealth!

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