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Quickbooks Cleanup

Maintaining accurate books is essential to ensuring that you are meeting tax obligations, it provides a clear picture of your business' financial well-being, and improves your cashflow!

We specialize in Quickbooks cleanup services! Cleanup services may include correcting uncategorized or wrongly categorized transactions, clean up undeposited funds, clean up existing accounts receivables and payables, reconcile Quickbooks against bank statements, input missing transactions, delete duplications, process transactions in bank feed, and provide a Profit and Loss Statement.

Accounts Receivable


Keeping clean and accurate books aids in assessing accounts receivables from venders, clients, invoices, payments, etc. When seeking investors, structured cashflow is essential. Accounts receivables will be reviewed and changes suggested regarding non-collectible invoices, undeposited funds, uncategorized income, and more.

Accounts Payable


Future business decisions rely heavily on understanding your liabilities, credit loads, and business expenses. Accounts payables will be reviewed and changes suggested regarding inaccurately applied vendor payments, inaccurately recorded transactions, outstanding bills, and more.

Bank Reconciliation


All bank accounts and credit card accounts will be reconciled. Accurately reconciling your accounts is important to help you avoid or effectively mitigate any future discrepancies.

Account Balancing


All accounts will be balanced, posted entries adjusted as per the accounting standards, inaccurately recorded transactions will be adjusted, troubleshooting of changed prior account balances, and reconciliation of any other statements.

Summary Review


Together, we will go over a  comprehensive review and summary of all findings and recommendations before any work is completed. 

Maintenance and Consultation


Now that your books are clean, they must be maintained. Problem areas and discrepancies will be discussed and expert advice offered to assist you, going forward, with maintaining accurate books.

 $800 - 1 Account, 1 Year
$1100 - 2 Accounts, 1 Year
$1300 - 3 Accounts, 1 Year
4+ Accounts - $125 per additional account

*Quickbooks Cleanup Pricing:

*Beginning base price range. Please note that the price may differ slightly based upon the scope of the cleanup.

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