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Individuals & Families

As a working US Citizen, paying taxes is unavoidable. Tax laws can be complicated and filing your return can be confusing. Melissa's Administrative Services will ensure your filing is accurate and that you receive the largest refund possible.

  • Mortgage Interest

    • First and second mortgage interest

    • Mortgage insurance premiums

  • Taxes

    • Local and state or General Sales Tax

    • Personal property taxes

    • Real estate taxes

  • Medical Expenses

    • Copays​, deductibles and prescriptions

    • Vision and dental

    • Medical mileage

  • Along with charitable contributions, student interest loan deductions and more...

(A conflict of interest arises when the representation of one client will be directly adverse to another client. Example: ex spouses with children)

Print, Complete & Bring With You

Documents & Forms Needed for Your Appointment:

Documents & Forms Needed for Your Appointment:

Examples of Acceptable Deductions:
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