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Mary Kay Sales & Directors

Print, Complete & Bring With You

Documents & Forms Needed for Your Appointment:

Documents & Forms Needed for Your Appointment:

As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or Independent Sales Director, you are the sole proprietor of a business and are considered to be a self-employed or an independent contractor for federal income tax purposes under the Internal Revenue Code Section 162.


The law requires the MK Company to issue a Form 1099-MISC to any Independent Beauty Consultant who, during a calendar year, orders more than $5,000 in wholesale merchandise or receives $600 or more in commissions, prizes or awards.

Preparation fee begins at $175*


How well do you file your financial documents? Are they kept in well-maintained files and folders, or are they thrown haphazardly into a cardboard box in a dark corner of your office?


*Having disorganized tax receipts and records will fetch a higher price as it means the preparer has more work to do. Well organized tax documents call for less summarization and management, therefore bringing tax preparing fees down. A good rule of thumb: The more organized you are, the less work that has to be done, meaning a lower cost in the end. 

Examples of Acceptable Deductions:
  • Product Inventory

    • Beginning inventory from Jan. 1 wholesale

    • Section 1 purchases, wholesale

    • Section 2 purchases

    • Closing Inventory on Dec. 31

  • Advertising

    • Business Cards

    • Demos

    • Website

    • PCP

  • And MANY MANY more deductions...

Candid Conversation About Taxes and Mary Kay

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