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Nail Techs, Hair Stylists & Salons


Nail Techs, Hair Stylists and Salons are categorically self-employed. Because of this, they are often targeted for IRS audits. Declaring items that are not part of your salon’s expenses will only trigger an audit.

Typically speaking, your deductions should only consist of items you've purchased in order for your business to make money. It is important to note that these items should be deemed appropriate for business.

Prep Fees Vary*

*Having disorganized tax records will result in a higher price. Well-organized tax documents call for less summarization and management, therefore bringing tax preparing fees down. A good rule of thumb: The more organized you are, the less work that has to be done, the lower the cost will be. 

​Ready to book your appointment? CLICK HERE Then check out the below MAS forms

Also, please bring with you to your appointment: Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, last year's tax return, and current ID

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