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What to expect if you selected a Refund Transfer from Santa Barbara TPG to pay for tax preparation

The IRS is distributing Economic Impact Payments directly to taxpayers and has indicated payments will not be delivered to Refund Transfer banks including Santa Barbara TPG - the bank we use.

If the IRS website indicates funds were sent to TPG those funds will be rejected back to the IRS. The IRS may indicate funds were deposited to an account ending in the last four digits of your Social Security number. For your protection any account that was established at TPG to facilitate processing of your tax refund was closed when you received your original tax refund, and that account no longer exists.

  • Your tax professional does not have your Economic Impact Payment

  • Payments received in error and returned to the IRS, may not have an accurate status on the IRS Get My Payment page until the IRS re-issues the EIP stimulus payment as a check

  • Your tax professional and Santa Barbara TPG do not have any visibility into the status, amount or timing of your EIP

Please contact the IRS with any questions regarding Economic Impact Payments. Visit the IRS website at

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