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Small Business

Small business owners have a lot of tax responsibilities. Most small business owners spend up to 120 hours per year on bookkeeping and taxes; that's 120 hours you could be spending on growing your business and customer relationships.

Small business is a niche of Melissa's Administrative Services. We can advise and guide you through the questions you may have regarding federal, state or local taxes.

How well do you file your financial documents? Are they kept in well-maintained files and folders, or are they thrown haphazardly into a cardboard box in a dark corner of your office?


*Having disorganized tax receipts and records will fetch a higher price as it means the preparer has more work to do. Well organized tax documents call for less summarization and management, therefore bringing tax preparing fees down. A good rule of thumb: The more organized you are, the less work that has to be done, meaning a lower cost in the end. 

(A conflict of interest arises when the representation of one client will be directly adverse to another client. Example: ex spouses with children)

Print, Complete & Bring With You

Documents & Forms Needed for Your Appointment:

Documents & Forms Needed for Your Appointment:

Examples of Acceptable Deductions:
  • Office Supplies and Equipment

    • Paper, pens

    • Computers, Printers and ink cartridges

    • Credit Card Processing Hardware and Software

  • Meals and Food

    • Business Meetings

    • Luncheons

  • Travel Expenses

    • Transportation and mileage

    • Meals

    • Hotel 

  • Along with Advertising, Clothing & Uniforms and more...

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